My Wardrobe Refresh is known to be transformational, and truly makes you excited to get dressed each morning. All three steps are necessary as each step builds on the previous to create the most stunning results. At the end of the Wardrobe Refresh you’ll be left with a wardrobe that you love and that SERVES you.

  • Only pieces you love in your closet

  • A clear understanding of your body type and what’s working for you

  • A clear understanding of your buying/wearing patterns

  • Clear steps on how to manage/adjust these patterns

  • Clear guidance on how to shop properly and efficiently

  • Knowledge on how,when, where to shop most effectively

  • A digital look-book of fully styled outfits for your reference


It starts with a relaxed in-home consultation, where I’ll learn about your current style needs according to your lifestyle and budget. Next, we’ll assess your current wardrobe (Spring/Summer pieces from Jan-Jul bookings and Fall/Winter pieces from Aug -Dec bookings). Working together, we’ll decide what to keep, what needs alterations, what to donate, and what to acquire. By the end of your closet edit, we will have a focused shopping game and I will gladly take garments you’ve decided to remove from your wardrobe and donate for you. One less thing you have to worry about!


Next, we’ll have 2 shopping appointments. For the first I will go out and pre-shop for you based on your budget and the needs we’ve identified together. All you’ll have to do is whisk yourself into a dressing room filled with terrific finds chosen by an expert just for you. You’ll buy what you love, and leave behind what you don’t.


The 2nd shopping trip will consist of me bringing a curated selection to your home. That’s right, you won’t even have to leave your home! I’ll bring all the pieces I think will work for you right to you for you to try on in the comfort of your own home. From there, you’ll keep what you love and I’ll take back what you don’t!

Once you’ve decided what you’ll keep, I’ll photograph the items in your closet + your new items. From there, I’ll create a digital look-book for you with your individual pieces in your “virtual closet” along with fully styled outfits in your “virtual look-book”.

For each Wardrobe Revamp client, I create a unique online portal that includes digital photos from your STYLE session, along with recommended future buys. It’s super convenient, and it’s all completely private.


3 Separate appointments designed to revamp your wardrobe start to finish!

30 Minute phone consult

(1)2-3 Hour  session for your closet edit

(1) 2-3 Hour shopping session out

(1) 2-3 Hour in-home shopping session

A digital look-book with all of your outfits for your reference

Personalized style guide for you going forward: What works for you, what to avoid, etc.

1 Month of style guidance  via email, text, phone (Monday – Friday) 9am-5pm

Option to pay in full or over 2 months

***Service to be completed within 60 days of closet edit unless otherwise stipulated


Through the WARDROBE REVAMP, you will enter your closet each morning and know that it’s only filled with things you love and look great on you.

Ready to create the wardrobe you love? Let’s get started!

Service includes 1 month of access to me for any follow up questions!