I used her “Wardrobe Refresh” service and was absolutely thrilled. I am a busy working gal who always wanted to update and improve my wardrobe but never had the time, energy or knowledge of where to even start. Candace was incredibly efficient, kind and personable. She took the time to learn about my lifestyle and what works best for me. I used another personal shopper before and found Candace’s method incredibly personable.

Sorting was an eye-opening experience–discovering that nearly 50% of wardrobe was ill-fitting, out of date or worn out. Shopping was an absolute delight. Candace pre-shopped for me and made the outing efficient. I learned what is best for my body type and lifestyle (lesson: don’t go by the size on the tag, go by the fit!). Lastly, our Sorting session was by far my favorite. She was able to talk me through why certain pieces go well together vs others. We put pieces together I otherwise would have never thought of.

After going to work the next week with my new style in hand, I received countless compliments. I am now excited to shop and know exactly what to look for because of Candace. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!


I scheduled time with Candace to do closet editing. I expected this experience to be very overwhelming, given that I’ve been accumulating clothes for almost 15 years and felt guilty giving away stuff that had been hardly worn. I also did not know what’s in, what’s out, and what I should keep just in case it comes back in style. I was pleasantly surprised with how EFFICIENT Candace was. She right away divided all my clothes into items that must go, items that are keepers, and ones she wanted me try on. She gave me suggestions on what would look good with what and gave advice on what’s flattering and what’s not for my body shape.

2 hours later my closet was transformed from dysfunctional to functional. It was a fun, easy, and enlightening experience. She even helped me pack and box the clothes that needed to go. I feel relieved to get rid of stuff that I wasn’t using. I look forward to shopping with Candace to replace the clothes I gave away to charity. Thanks Candace!


Candace is great! She’s really knowledgeable and a good shopper. She has helped me find key wardrobe pieces that are either exactly what I would describe to or pieces I would have never initially considered, but with her suggestion, turned out to be staple pieces. An added bonus, she’s good at finding stuff at really great prices. She also helped me go through my current wardrobe and put together new outfits using things I already had. I would say the thing I appreciated most about Candace was her ability to understand my personal style quickly and help me achieve the look I had in my head. Would definitely recommend


Candace was so much fun! Not only did she help me get through everything in my closet, we had such a great time! I was nervous to hire a personal stylist, just because it had been SO long since I had even looked through my closet, but I’m so glad I hired Candace. She was knowledgeable, efficient, and funny! I hired her for the year, and will likely be hiring her for next year as well!


I had Candace come over and help filter out my closet and help give me some fashion advice. I loved working with her. She was easy and fun to work with and I felt so comfortable with her. She helped me let go of a lot of stuff I was just holding onto, but really couldn’t use anymore. Then she personally shopped for me. I loved what she chose for me and those are always my go to pieces. She also returned anything I didn’t want. It was great having a personal fashion stylist.


I thought I was doing pretty well, until my sister mentioned that my wardrobe looked dated! I decided to give Candace a try, and boy am I glad I did! I didn’t realize that while my clothes were comfortable, they were really aging me and making me look a lot heavier than I was. Candace helped me to understand how to dress for my age and body type. Since working with Candace, I’ve been getting tons of compliments and people are telling me it looks like I’ve lost 30 pounds over night!


“After a substantial weight loss (and a closet of clothing that didn’t fit me anymore) I needed professional help to rebuild my closet to reflect the style I’ve always wanted but didn’t think I could pull off with my size. Working with Candace helped me to expand my understanding of what works for my body type, and also how to mentally break through limitations I thought I was bound by. She has perfected the art of pushing your beyond your fashion comfort zone, and coming out on the other side a total believer! Her services were very personalized and professional. I live overseas and she worked with me remotely to understand my needs, edit my closet, shop and fit my updated wardrobe. I no longer look at my closet thinking “I have nothing to wear.” I see a whole set of options that are polished, updated and super cute! This was literally life changing.”


“Candace helped our daughter Margo with her clothing selections for her upcoming movie as well as her everyday clothing. Margo loves her! Don’t waste your time with other stylists, Candace is the best!”


“In one word, Style by Candace is awesome. I used the Wardrobe Refresh option and I was completely blown away by the stylist, Candace. She was efficient and helpful going through my closet, helping me get rid of pieces that needed to go and explaining what looks good and why. She also gave helpful tips and was easy to work with the whole time. Candace was able to get me an entire new wardrobe and did way under budget. She also helped me pick out a couple of new suits. I still contact her about outfits to try. I appreciated working with her and all her advice. Candace has a great ability to making shopping and styling a fun and easy-going experience.”


“I loved working with Candace. I chose her Wardrobe Refresh package. Right from the beginning, she was very responsive to my email inquiries and questions, and considerate of my budget considerations. She was flexible around my work schedule, and did a great job pre-shopping so that we could maximize our time trying on clothes while we were out shopping. She listened to what types of clothes I was looking for, while also challenging me to get out of my comfort zone a bit as well. And she was fun to shop with, I felt comfortable with her immediately, like she was another one of my sisters.  I just wore my first outfit that she put together for me and immediately got compliments. Can’t wait to wear the rest of my new purchases! I would absolutely choose to work with her again, and would highly recommend her to others. Thanks Candace!”


“Candace was very quick to respond to all of our needs! She was able to accommodate the look we were going for and create a user friendly guide with minimal oversight. Two thumbs up!”


“I had a great experience with Candace! This is the first time I’ve tried a personal shopper and I can see why she came so highly recommended.

She’s incredibly personable and detail-oriented. She’s direct, but polite. The most valuable thing she did for me was talking me through each decision as we audited my closet so I could learn why certain things didn’t work for me and how to pick out future items that I wouldn’t regret later.

On our shopping day, she went early to pre-shop for me so we didn’t waste any time together. She picked out items that I probably never would have considered, and I was surprised to find that I loved them after trying them on.

She then came back for a third appointment, in which she took photos of my clothes and then talked through any questions I had about integrating the new clothes with the old.

Her online “Lookbook” was where she arranged outfits and selected recommendations for shoes, which we didn’t get a chance to look at in our shopping trip (I just clicked on the shoes I liked and it redirected me to the retailer website where I could purchase!). This was the second most valuable thing she did for me and because of that, I probably would have rather taken the photos myself from the third appt. and used her time for arranging more outfits online.

After I worked with the new outfits and shopped a bit more on my own (implementing her lessons), I reached out again with a few questions and asked for her feedback on what I had done. She immediately responded and not only answered my questions, but added additional outfits to my online Lookbook that integrated the new pieces I had uploaded!

All in all, Candace helped me reach my goal of creating a wardrobe that’s classy and dynamic (professional and casual), while helping me feel more confident about choosing the right clothes for me. She was a pleasure to work with and I hope to work with her again in the future!”


“Candace just spent the day shopping with my 15 year old daughter and they did AWESOME! Cute clothes great price points…happy teen AND mom!”


“Working with Candace was an entirely pleasant experience. From start to finish, she was kind, thoughtful, and immensely accomadating. She even agreed to meet me in a coffee shop and give me a “style tutoring session,” even though this is not typically what she does.

And the result! Oh my, seeing how good I look now makes me a little embarrassed about how I used to dress. Thanks to Candace, I now have a versatile, uber-stylish professional wardrobe (and hairdo!) and feel ready to hit the workforce after graduation. You will not find a better personal stylist; I certainly will be a return customer.”


“Stop looking, stop asking for bids. Candace is your girl. I am a professional photographer and I recently hired Candace for a two day styled photoshoot. Candace was able to able to expertly coordinate accessories, clothing pieces and shoes to make each of our 13 models look their absolute best. She was able to mix and match each of the models’ personal wardrobe pieces with new pieces which not only saved money but in most cases gave a plain outfit that real “WOW” factor. Beyond having great fashion sense, Candace was attentive to the little details during the months of pre-planning and especially during both demanding days of shooting. Candace is friendly, fun, outgoing and true professional. Thanks, Candace!”


“Candace was fabulous. I hired her as a birthday present for my wife. They spent the first two hours going through her closet. Since we just moved, my wife had just “organized” her closet herself, or until this past Saturday, she thought she did. They cleaned out so much, but more importantly she was able to get my wife to realize what should be discarded. Something I could never have done.(without a fight!). Then I came home to watch our daughter allowing Candace and my wife to go shopping for 3 hours. They had a blast and spent money wisely. They had a plan and goals when they set out and by the amount of bags and smile on my wife’s face she was delighted, excited, and exhausted when she returned. My wife loved the whole experience. I would recommend Candace to everyone. Job well done.”


“I had a great Experience with Candace. I should have hired her years ago. I was overwhelmed with little time and whole lot of clothes and organization needed. She was on time, very quick and effective. We utilized the amount of time we had very well. I got rid of 4 trash bags of clothes I wanted to get rid of but could not do myself.I will hire he again soon. Thank you Candace!”


“I had an amazing time working with Candace. She is very pleasant, professional and she is very knowledgeable . Her advice was priceless to me! She helped me realize why I have such a disconnect between what I buy and where my style should be. She has great style and great advice. Thank you Candace! You made my day …and yes saved me from the stress of not knowing what to wear! You are amazing!”