Need some new looks but just can't find the time? An extended lunch break is all you'll need for the VIP treatment! From a curated selection of pieces, and on the spot alterations all the way to lunch, this will be the most efficient 2 hours of your life!



The ideal service to book if you have a closet full of great pieces and want a fresh perspective on creating new looks. The Closet Styling service is a perfect way to get a feel for personal styling while creating new looks using items you already own. If you decide to add a shopping trip during your session, we can easily convert your Closet Styling service into a Wardrobe Refresh. The choice is up to you.



My complete wardrobe refresh process is known to be transformational and truly makes you excited to get dressed each morning. All three steps are necessary — each one builds on the previous to create the most stunning results. Through the WARDROBE REFRESH, you will enter your closet each morning and know that it’s only filled with things you love and look great on you.

Ready to create the wardrobe you love? Let’s get started!



This service allows you to focus on what’s most important to YOU, because I will take care of the “looking great”part! The Guided Transformation is the ideal service if you no longer want to deal with the stresses of shopping and maintaining a wardrobe for the near future. If you’re looking for someone to help you build and maintain your closet for the next 6 months, this is for you!

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Just like it sounds!  This service is a full year of style guidance from me!  Gone are the days of standing in your closet ready to scream.  From shopping trips, to style sessions, this service has it all!