We must begin in the closet! The Closet Edit is really going to set the stage for your wardrobe going forward. Sometimes all you need is another pair of eyes to help you move on from a piece…or 20!


The closet edit is where everything begins!  The goal of the closet edit is to open your eyes to your patterns, what you love, why you love it, what you hate, why you hate it, and so much more.  Through the closet edit process, we'll figure out how to edit what is existing, what needs to stay, what needs to go (and why) as well as how to keep from having to do another closet edit in the future!  The goal is NOT to throw everything away and start over; the goal is to get all the learning possible, so that you can go forward and feel prepared and empowered to build a wardrobe that serves you!

I know what you're do you do a closet edit...virtually?  It's simple, and I'll walk you through it!  While the in person closet edit is more of a "done for you" type of service, the virtual closet edit delivers the same results, but allows me to give more guidance while you're doing the hands-on and learning pieces. 



1st 60 Minute Zoom Session:

  • Style archetypes - where do you fit?

  • Closest Edit process

    • Understanding the goal of the purpose of the closet edit, what to be looking for

    • Walking you through the entire process (guiding you through my signature flow chart)

    • Understanding what you should be looking for throughout the process and how to create a style plan

2nd 60 Minute Zoom Session:

  • Closet Edit Review

Post session Follow -Up

  • Store/Brand Recommendations

  • A selection of pieces recommended for you (3-5 per category identified)

  • Personalized Body type + Style Archetype overview


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