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Does Your Style Matter?

Does your style matter?  The short answer is YES! Of course, your style matters! All of our style matters.  Why?  Well, there are a bunch of reasons…

The first being that our style is literally the first thing people learn about us upon meeting us.  Yep, before you even speak a word, your style is speaking.  Whether you’re dressed great and feeling your best or just rolled out of bed, your style is speaking volumes about you.  It could say “I really put myself together today” or it could say “I woke up late”.  Inasmuch as we hate to admit it, we’re making judgments about people and how they’ll interact with us based on their appearance; and people are making that same judgement about you as well.

The second being that while people are making judgments about you and your style, it also communicates how you value people.  Forget about what my style says about me for a second.  If  I show up to meet someone for the first time (personally or professionally) how I 'm presenting myself speaks to how I value that person, doesn't it?  If I'm showing up to a job interview wrinkled, if I'm showing up to a date without makeup or brushing my hair, if I'm showing up to my  office in sweat pants, that all speaks volumes about how seriously I'm taking these events and people.  People understand how much (or little) you value them and their time based on how you present.

Lastly, it matters to you and for you.  Haven't you noticed that you FEEL so much better when you know you look great?  And haven't you also noticed that you have this inclination to hide when you're not looking or feeling your best?  And of course, inevitably, that's when you end up running into someone!

So while you may think style is superficial (and it certainly can be) it doesn't have to be; and whether we like it or not, our style speaks volumes about us, how we value ourselves, and how we value those around us.