Fashion vs. Style

This is an important topic! As a personal stylist, I take style very seriously. I say it all the time; “Style is for everyone!”. Fashion, however, not so much. These words have become synonymous with one another and interchangeable, but they’re totally different. It’s in mixing these two concepts that we find our trouble begins. Style is for everyone, fashion isn’t necessarily.

There are a lot of “fashion-y” words out there that people use interchangeably, but have very different meanings. Today I’m focusing on fashion vs. style. So, what’s the difference you ask? It’s simple:

Fashion is dictated by the world and the times, in other words it’s dictated by what’s outwardly around you

Style, however, is the opposite. Style is dictated by you, and your preferences.

Do you see the difference? Fashion is about the times, the trends, all the stuff you see on the runways, THAT is fashion. Fashion is being told to us, it’s being dictated to us - and it’s the same with trends. As the times change, fashion changes and what’s trendy and “in” changes. Sometimes fashion is God awful. You know what I’m talking about as you look around and see that “biker shorts” are making a come back (BUT, WHY?!). That, my friends, is fashion. It’s cyclical, it’s ever-changing, and it’s dictated by someone (often times several people) that are not you and me. If you find yourself out of sync with the times, feeling like you’re not understanding the trends, that’s not because you don’t get it, it’s because that’s fashion and it’s not meant for everyone.

Style, on the other hand, is all about you (and me). Style is who we are, our preferences, our day to day lives, our personalities. We dictate style, regardless of fashion. No one can tell you or me about our style. They can tell us about fashion all day long, and what’s “on trend” but the only person who can tell me about my style is me, and the only person who can tell you about your style is you.

Why does this matter? Because you need to own your style. Forget fashion, forget trends, forget trying to fit in with what you see on the street. Stop giving yourself an out with “I don’t understand fashion” because guess what, none of us do! And you don’t need to understand fashion or trend, you need to understand you. You need to understand the concept of style. You need to understand your own personal style, and that will unlock so many doors.

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Candace HannaComment