It's All About Body Type!

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All have my clients have heard me say this a million times, forget about your size, it’s all about body type! You may be rolling your eyes at me, but let me ask you this: When was the last time someone came up to you and asked how much you weighed, or to see the size on the tag of your clothes? I’m hoping never, otherwise, you need new friends (but that’s a different chat for a different day). My point in asking this question is to be clear that your size doesn’t matter, your body type and shape do!

If you want to lose more weight (or gain more weight) that is totally your prerogative, and I’m certainly not telling you to throw your fitness goals out the window. I am, however, telling you that your actual weight doesn’t matter when it comes to looking like a million bucks. The idea is to focus on your shape and body type. What do I mean? I mean focus on your proportions, where you carry your weight, and let’s focus on how to create our ideal shape instead of trying to force our bodies into a place they’ll never be.

For example, my shoulders are more narrow than my hips. Try as I might, I’l never be able to widen my shoulders, no matter how thin I become! That’s just a fact of my life, my bones are where they are. So, do I just give up on ever trying to have hourglass proportions? Of course not! By understanding my body type, I can understand where I need to create more volume, where I want to draw the eye, and where I want to direct attention. And just as a side note, only about 8% of women have the “ideal” hourglass figure, which means 92% of us need a little help getting there.

Many of us don’t know what our body type is, because we’ve never been taught, but I’ve got you covered! Click HERE to download your copy of my Free Body Type Guide. Every day this week I’ll be posting videos in my FB Group The Anti-Stylist going through the details of every body type, so be sure to join the group! Trust me, once you figure out and understand your body type, buying clothes and getting dressed will be a breeze!

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