Shop Your Closet Challenge

I don’t know about you, but as a stylist I’m shopping A LOT. I’m out shopping for and with clients, but beyond that, I’m out shopping for myself. What I’ve noticed is that the shopping experience can go a number of ways, and lately, it’s been pretty tough. You ever have those days you’re dying to buy something, but just can’t find anything worth taking the plunge on?

Me too.

When those days come, I’m grateful to the gods that I was able to save another dollar - but I end up feeling “blah” because there isn’t anything new, exciting, or inspiring out there. On these days, I like to shop my closet.


We all have pieces that we love, but haven’t figured out how to wear, pieces that have gotten lost in the shuffle somehow, and pieces that we’ve only thought about in 1 one way. THAT, my friends, is today’s challenge. Forgetting about excess for a moment, and working with what we’ve got. Let’s make a solid effort to let the old inspire us in very new ways!

I want you to try for the remainder of the week to shop your closet. Whether it’s a single piece you haven’t worn in a really long time, putting together an outfit that you’ve never before considered, or re-purposing a piece, I want you to to put your wallet away and step into all the options that already exist for you! In a world where more is more, and we’re distracted by all the shiny-ness around us, let’s really try to inspire ourselves, and share it!I want to see what you’ve done! Post it in the comments, on instagram using the hashtag #shopyourcloset, or share in our facebook group The Anti Stylist. I’m excited to see what you do!

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