5 Ways to Accessorize

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Accessories are all the rage these days.  There are days I forget to plan my outfit ahead of time, or I’m just not feeling up to putting it all together.  On those days, I have my accessories to do the trick.  If you run out of time to plan, or just don’t have the energy some days, read on to see my 5 ways to accessorize!

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1)       Jewelry!

Jewelry can take a simple tee-shirt and jeans to the next level.  It can also give your all black get-up a new level of interest.  Whether it’s a statement necklace, stacked bracelets, or chandelier earrings, jewelry is such an easy fix for an otherwise “blah” outfit.



2)       Scarves!

As a native SoCal lady, I know that it’s not always (if ever) scarf weather – but don’t let that stop you!  Scarves don’t have to be wool and cozy.  They can be lightweight, and add a great pop of color to your look.  Weather it’s a neck scarf, a silk scarf you’re using as a belt, or a piece you want to drape over your shoulders, it’s a simple add that can make all the difference.



3)       Belts!

This is probably my favorite because it’s actually a functional piece as opposed to just being fun.  I love a bright colored, or pattern belt to mix up a look.  It’s a little bit of spice to a simple look.  Not to mention, belts make pants that much more comfortable!


4)       Handbags!

Sometimes, the look is all about the accessories.  Maybe you just splurged on a designer bag, or you found a really cool sequin crossbody – your look doesn’t have to be based on your clothes.  You get to decide what the focus of your look is, and sometimes, it’s the bag!  Don’t feel the need to have a black handbag and a nude handbag and that’s it.  Go crazy!  A handbag is an item that you can have all kinds of fun with!

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5)       Shoes!

This is probably my favorite.  It’s a rare day where you’ll find me in a plain black shoe.  Shoes are the easiest way to add interest.  Consider your animal patterns as neutrals (leopard, snake, zebra) these prints usually go with everything, so why not have some fun!   You can spice up your look by wearing metallic; silver where you’d normally wear black and gold where you’d normally wear brown.  It’s still simple, just more fun!

Candace Hanna