5 Things That Are Making You Look Sloppy

Just because you have a great look pulled together, doesn’t mean your style is.  Check out these 5 little style buggers that are causing you to look sloppy, no matter how awesome the outfit.


1)       Wet Hair

As a curly haired girl myself, I know that this can be a tough one.  I can only brush my hair when it’s wet and it takes forever to dry!  That said; walking into work with wet hair is causing you to look ill-prepared.  When your hair is wet, it seems like you woke up late, showered, and ran out the door without taking the time to dry or style your hair.  While this may not be the case, this is how it comes across.  For us curly haired gals, try doing your hair first thing (before breakfast, coffee, and getting dressed) that way you’re not showing up to work with dripping hair and giving it a moment to dry while you get ready.


2)       Wrinkles

There’s really no excuse for a wrinkled look.  All it says is that you picked it out from a pile of something, and threw it on.  Even if it’s a great outfit, no one can tell because it’s wrinkled and implies that you don’t care about how you present.  I hate ironing just as much as the next gal, which is why I steam.  It’s quick, easy, and better on your clothes.  Do yourself a favor, don’t walk out in wrinkled clothes, it makes a difference.


3)       Chipped Nails

Eek, I’m guilty of this myself!  Your nail color starts to chip, and you don’t have the time to get them redone – I get it.  If you don’t have the time to get your nails freshly painted, just take 30 seconds to take off your chipped polish.  You don’t always have to find the time to get your nails freshly done, but make sure they are clean and paint free as opposed to half chipped.  A partially painted nail can ruin a wholly great look.


4)       Worn Clothes

I know it’s your favorite sweater, but, it’s making you look sloppy!  Not taking care of our clothes can cause them to look worn very early on, so be sure to properly wash and store your pieces.  Beyond that, shirts that are faded at the seams, sweaters that are pilling, and a tops that have lost their shape are all contributing to dragging down your look.  You may love the color or pattern, but if any of these things are going on with your pieces, they’re just making you look sloppy.


5)       Clothes That Don’t Fit Properly

Whether they’re too large or too tight, clothing that doesn’t fit properly is making you look sloppy.  A top that’s too tight and pants that are too long and dragging on the floor will do nothing but kill your style.  Regardless of how comfortable it is, if the piece doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

Candace Hanna