A lot of people ask me why I do what I do.  They say “Oh, so do you want to work with celebrities?” My answer is ALWAYS: NOPE

And that’s the truth! I do this work for a few reasons; and I want you and all my readers to understand what personal styling means to me, and how important each individual client is to me.


Fashion (10%)

There are a lot of beautiful things in this world.  There’s art, architecture, food, but my personal favorite is fashion.  I love beautifully crafted pieces, I love mixing and matching, and generally just continually trying new things and fashion allows for that.  While I’ve worked in numbers my entire career, I certainly have a creative side, and fashion/styling allows for me to nurture that.


Entrepreneurial Butterfly (20%)

If you’ve worked with me, known me, or even met me, it’s likely that you’ll see; I’m just not built for the office life.  I don’t do 9-5 (well), I don’t like being at a desk all day, and I certainly don’t like told when to work, when to go home, when to eat lunch, etc.  Personal styling combines my love of fashion and people with the freedom that I require to do my best work.


The Joy of the Work (70%)

I can’t tell you just how true this is.  There is no greater feeling than someone telling you that they “feel pretty for the first time”, or that “they looked and felt so great, that it came out in their job interview”.  Those are memories and moments I wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world.  THAT is the reason I have no interest in working with celebrities.  My passion is with the everyday man and woman.  The people who may not  have the means to spend and overspend on one-of-a-kind pieces,  who struggle with confidence, and need an extra boost, who are exhausted and overwhelmed with the struggles and responsibilities of this real life that we live, that just need a little extra help to get themselves together and on their way.  THOSE are my people.  Those are the people that I want to help, comfort, and guide.  Celebrities don’t need me, they have all the confidence and all the money in the world.  I want to help people like me, who are doing their best every day and just need a little assistance.


I am a PERSONAL stylist, which means that I’m all about my clients.  It’s about YOU and making you the best version of YOU, not someone else.

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