I realize as a personal stylist, a lot of people don’t really understand what I do.  I thought I’d take a quick minute to go into detail about my most popular service; The Sort, Shop & Style.

I’ll first start by saying that this is by far my most popular service because it’s designed to take your closet from start to finish.  You won’t be overwhelmed, and you won’t be left wondering what to do next,

The entire process is comprised of 4 separate appointments which can be done in person, or virtually (yup, I’ve done this service with clients overseas).

Appointment 1: Sort (2-3 hours)

Before we do anything in your closet, we chat.  We discuss your current style, what you like/don’t like about it, why you think it’s lacking, and where you’d like to take it.  This is important because it gives us direction throughout the sort process.  The Sort is the most important part of the Sort, Shop & Style because gives us our starting point.  It helps us to understand what you have that’s working vs. what isn’t working for you, and how much you have in each category.  During this time, we go through your whole closet piece by piece.  I know it sounds daunting, but I’m doing most of the work.  We talk about each piece, why you love it, why you hate it, etc.  We also get rid of pieces you hate, pieces that are dated, and pieces that are ill-fitting.  At the end of the Sort, we’re left with a de-cluttered closet of only the stuff you love.  Imagine a closet full of only things that you love…we can get you there!


Appointments 2/3: Shop (2-3 hours each)

Most stylists offer 1 shopping trip, but I offer 2.  Depending on the client, and how much you’re left with after the Sort portion, it can be very difficult to purchase large quantities in just one trip.  Because of this, I like to include a second. These are the appointments that usually frighten people.  Because most of my clients hate to shop, I offer 2 methods; but regardless of which method you choose, I’m doing the tough stuff.  The first method allows the client to shop with me, the second has me shopping FOR the client.

Shopping with me essentially means you have to show up.  Before our formal appointment begins, I will have already pre-shopped several stores for you.  This means that I arrive a few hours early, do all the dirty work like sorting through racks, finding sizes, etc.  I pull everything that I think you’d like and will work for your style goals and have it all set up upon your arrival.  So, when you show up, you’re essentially just trying on the pieces I’ve pulled.  Forget having to sift through racks, and piles of clothes, forget being overwhelmed by an exorbitant amount of options, I’ve got it figured out!  Once you try on the pieces, you simply purchase the items you want, and leave the items you don’t.

If I shop for you, it’s the same process, except you stay home!  I go through the same shopping process, but instead I come to your home and deliver your curated pieces.  With me in your home, you’ll try on the pieces, keep what you want and be invoiced for them by me, and I’ll return what you don’t want.  Simple as that!

Appointment 4: Style (2-3 hours)

This is the Style.  This is where we blend your newly purchased pieces with your existing.  I’ll put together different looks, and photograph you in them. We’ll mix and match difference pieces to come up with several different outfits (shoes, and accessories too), I’ll photograph you in the outfits and put them all in a digital look-book for your reference.  The digital look-book is a handy tool that houses photographs of all your individual pieces, as well as your complete looks.  If you wake up one day and don’t know what to wear, you can reference your look-book, and boom! You have your outfit ready to go.


So there you have it, the Sort, Shop & Style, my most popular service (hopefully, you can now see why). If this is something you need, or have further questions about, please feel free to contact me at any time:


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