Hello Again!

One thing clients are always asking me about is color.  What works together, what doesn’t, how to know if something is a neutral, warm, or cool color, etc.  I thought today, we’d delve into the world of color where I’d give you some insights on the above.

Silk scarves line up in rainbow color

When it comes to color, we have a TON of options.  So first thing’s first: A brief lesson on the basics!

Basic warm colors can be found on one side of the color wheel;

Red, Orange, Yellow

While basic cool colors can be found on the opposite side of the color wheel;

Blue, Green, Purple

Many people will say that warm tones should stick to warm tones, and vice verse.  While this is commonly true, I believe that you should try on colors you like, and factor in the other details of your eye color, hair color, etc to determine which colors work for you.   We can’t just go off of basic rules and deny what we like without trying it out first. We also cant forget about tertiary colors – which are not specific to cool or warm and depending on the shade, can cross over.  So now that we have an understanding of warm and cool colors, the question that seems to stump everyone is:


What is a neutral???


Neutrals are my favorite!  These are colors that pretty much go with anything.  You never have to be worried when pairing a neutral because they will always match, AND they’ll never be out of style.  Neutral colors are classics for just those reason, and your staple closet items should be in these neutral colors.  Below is a list of neutrals, and I’m sure many of you will be surprised to see a few colors on this list!

*Black, Grey, Cream, White, Tan, Brown, Navy, Olive, Gold, Silver

Just to name a few.  I know what you’re thinking: “These are ALL neutral???” Yep, they sure are!  We have the most common up above, but never forget your metalics!

Metallics are a fun alternative to black/brown.  Anything that you’d wear black on, you can switch out the black for silver.  Anything that you’d wear brown on, you can switch out the brown for gold!  Weather it’s an accessory, or a pair of shoes, mixing it up with metallics is a great way to take your outfit from average to awesome.

The other wonderful thing about neutrals, is that they not only go with everything, they go with one another! How much do we love navy and grey?  Or better yet, white and gold??? Long gone are the days of “black and brown don’t go, neither do navy and black!” (I used to subscribe to this mentality, shame on me!) I’m now the proud owner of a Navy tuxedo blazer with a black lapel, and it’s one of my favorites.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to try a wild color with one of your neutrals – it’ll work!  Looking to try a bright yellow, or a fuchsia pink?  Let navy be your anchor color. Not sure if you can try an orange, or eggplant?  Don’t worry, that’s what grey is there for.

Candace Hanna