Building Your Outfit

It recently occurred to me that one of the biggest struggles my clients have is actually building their outfit.  So, I’ve decided to give a couple tips here today on how you can build your outfit sans the stress!

Building Your Outfit


When I say “build”, that’s exactly what I mean.  I want you to think of yourself as an architect of your outfit and pay attention to these 3 elements:





Let’s keep getting dressed as simple a process as possible, shall we?


This is what you’re building your outfit on.  It’s one piece, the piece you MUST wear that day. Whether it’s a cool new top, or you’re most comfortable pair of denim; choose your piece and build on it!

For example, say I choose a pair of white denim as my foundation. Next up, is the structure.


This is what gives your look it’s overall “completeness” It’s your next piece in the look.  It’s not the focal point of your outfit, but it’s the compliment.  My foundation piece was white denim, I’ve decided to add a stripe top.  My look isn’t about the top, it’s about my denim – but the stripe top is the complement.  You’ll find that your structure piece can work over and over again with different foundations…as you’ll see below.

Building Your Outfit


Of course, it’s just like it sounds – this is the spice! The decor is always the fun part! Whether you want to add accessories like jewelry, or a pop of color handbag, or a fun shoe – now is the time! you’ve laid your foundation, you’ve added your structure, now is the time for some fun! I added a gold necklace, and an orange handbag!


Building Your Wardrobe

Later, I added a denim jacket – I was cold!


Building Your Outfit


And just as an added bonus – take a look at how changing my foundation piece mixed things up JUST a bit.  My structure stayed the same, and my decor changed a tiny bit…but it gave me a new look!  Depending on how adventurous you feel, you can change up your foundation and structure to make so many looks of what you already have!  Remember, your closet works together!

Building Your Outfit


Sorry for the photo quality, but I think you get the jist!

Until Next Time!


Candace Hanna

A lot of people ask me why I do what I do.  They say “Oh, so do you want to work with celebrities?” My answer is ALWAYS: NOPE

And that’s the truth! I do this work for a few reasons; and I want you and all my readers to understand what personal styling means to me, and how important each individual client is to me.


Fashion (10%)

There are a lot of beautiful things in this world.  There’s art, architecture, food, but my personal favorite is fashion.  I love beautifully crafted pieces, I love mixing and matching, and generally just continually trying new things and fashion allows for that.  While I’ve worked in numbers my entire career, I certainly have a creative side, and fashion/styling allows for me to nurture that.


Entrepreneurial Butterfly (20%)

If you’ve worked with me, known me, or even met me, it’s likely that you’ll see; I’m just not built for the office life.  I don’t do 9-5 (well), I don’t like being at a desk all day, and I certainly don’t like told when to work, when to go home, when to eat lunch, etc.  Personal styling combines my love of fashion and people with the freedom that I require to do my best work.


The Joy of the Work (70%)

I can’t tell you just how true this is.  There is no greater feeling than someone telling you that they “feel pretty for the first time”, or that “they looked and felt so great, that it came out in their job interview”.  Those are memories and moments I wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world.  THAT is the reason I have no interest in working with celebrities.  My passion is with the everyday man and woman.  The people who may not  have the means to spend and overspend on one-of-a-kind pieces,  who struggle with confidence, and need an extra boost, who are exhausted and overwhelmed with the struggles and responsibilities of this real life that we live, that just need a little extra help to get themselves together and on their way.  THOSE are my people.  Those are the people that I want to help, comfort, and guide.  Celebrities don’t need me, they have all the confidence and all the money in the world.  I want to help people like me, who are doing their best every day and just need a little assistance.


I am a PERSONAL stylist, which means that I’m all about my clients.  It’s about YOU and making you the best version of YOU, not someone else.

Candace Hanna

I realize as a personal stylist, a lot of people don’t really understand what I do.  I thought I’d take a quick minute to go into detail about my most popular service; The Sort, Shop & Style.

I’ll first start by saying that this is by far my most popular service because it’s designed to take your closet from start to finish.  You won’t be overwhelmed, and you won’t be left wondering what to do next,

The entire process is comprised of 4 separate appointments which can be done in person, or virtually (yup, I’ve done this service with clients overseas).

Appointment 1: Sort (2-3 hours)

Before we do anything in your closet, we chat.  We discuss your current style, what you like/don’t like about it, why you think it’s lacking, and where you’d like to take it.  This is important because it gives us direction throughout the sort process.  The Sort is the most important part of the Sort, Shop & Style because gives us our starting point.  It helps us to understand what you have that’s working vs. what isn’t working for you, and how much you have in each category.  During this time, we go through your whole closet piece by piece.  I know it sounds daunting, but I’m doing most of the work.  We talk about each piece, why you love it, why you hate it, etc.  We also get rid of pieces you hate, pieces that are dated, and pieces that are ill-fitting.  At the end of the Sort, we’re left with a de-cluttered closet of only the stuff you love.  Imagine a closet full of only things that you love…we can get you there!


Appointments 2/3: Shop (2-3 hours each)

Most stylists offer 1 shopping trip, but I offer 2.  Depending on the client, and how much you’re left with after the Sort portion, it can be very difficult to purchase large quantities in just one trip.  Because of this, I like to include a second. These are the appointments that usually frighten people.  Because most of my clients hate to shop, I offer 2 methods; but regardless of which method you choose, I’m doing the tough stuff.  The first method allows the client to shop with me, the second has me shopping FOR the client.

Shopping with me essentially means you have to show up.  Before our formal appointment begins, I will have already pre-shopped several stores for you.  This means that I arrive a few hours early, do all the dirty work like sorting through racks, finding sizes, etc.  I pull everything that I think you’d like and will work for your style goals and have it all set up upon your arrival.  So, when you show up, you’re essentially just trying on the pieces I’ve pulled.  Forget having to sift through racks, and piles of clothes, forget being overwhelmed by an exorbitant amount of options, I’ve got it figured out!  Once you try on the pieces, you simply purchase the items you want, and leave the items you don’t.

If I shop for you, it’s the same process, except you stay home!  I go through the same shopping process, but instead I come to your home and deliver your curated pieces.  With me in your home, you’ll try on the pieces, keep what you want and be invoiced for them by me, and I’ll return what you don’t want.  Simple as that!

Appointment 4: Style (2-3 hours)

This is the Style.  This is where we blend your newly purchased pieces with your existing.  I’ll put together different looks, and photograph you in them. We’ll mix and match difference pieces to come up with several different outfits (shoes, and accessories too), I’ll photograph you in the outfits and put them all in a digital look-book for your reference.  The digital look-book is a handy tool that houses photographs of all your individual pieces, as well as your complete looks.  If you wake up one day and don’t know what to wear, you can reference your look-book, and boom! You have your outfit ready to go.


So there you have it, the Sort, Shop & Style, my most popular service (hopefully, you can now see why). If this is something you need, or have further questions about, please feel free to contact me at any time:

Candace Hanna
But First I Want To…

First, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Second, have you ever heard the saying “If you’re always waiting for the right time, you’ll never get anything done”?  Well, it’s the truth.  I have people reach out to me all the time for style advice because they need a confidence boost, they hate their closet, or getting dressed every day is a nightmare – and I’m always ready to take on new clients, because it’s what I LOVE to do.  But despite REALLY wanting to revamp their style, so many people have so many reasons why they don’t.  I’m going to list the top 3 below, and give you reasons to move past them.


I Want to Lose Weight

“I really want to re-vamp my closet, but I don’t like my body right now, and I don’t want to buy a bunch of clothes and then lose weight etc”.  First, good for you! Second, while this is a valid concern, people hide behind it way too often.  Why do I say this?  Is it because it’s a web of lies? Is it because I don’t believe that people really want to change themselves?  NO.  It’s because no matter what, how big, small, tall, petite you are, it’s ALWAYS time to feel great about yourself.  Listen, we all have things that we want to change about ourselves.  Whether it’s emotional or physical, everyone has something they want to change, and that’s a good thing. However, if we keep waiting until we’re our perfect selves to start to do good things for ourselves and feel better, we’ll be waiting forever.  If you want to lose weight, I want you to lose weight too, but, even more than that, I want you to FEEL GREAT about yourself RIGHT NOW. And sometimes, getting your style up to speed is the motivator.


I Don’t Have the Money

Again, this can totally be the truth.  Sometimes, people feel like investing in their style and a personal stylist means shelling out tons of money…that doesn’t have to be the case.  I want you to think about all the pieces in your closet and how much they cost.  I want you to consider how many of those pieces you don’t wear, and how much they cost.  I want you to think about how many pieces you have that you don’t like and how much they cost.  I also want you to think about all the pieces you have, that you bought in a bind or time crunch, and how much they cost.  Now, when you think about it, I want you to consider this; MAYBE the total cost of those pieces that you don’t like, don’t wear, and never liked to begin with could have been better invested in an expert’s time, helping you to understand your style and invested in pieces you actually LOVE.  Perhaps you’d invest your time in an expert, and save on clothes because you’d be buying fewer pieces, and wearing more of your closet more often.  This is just some food for thought and some motivation to stop “just buying clothes” and start investing in your style.


It’s A Lot, I’m Scared

I get it.  Again, as someone who works in this business because of the way it transforms people from the inside out, I know that this isn’t just about clothes.  It is an emotional thing.  There is a lot to face for a lot of people, and often times, it can be overwhelming.  But, I’m not asking you to do it alone.  I’m asking you to make the decision that you want to look better, feel better, and BE better.   There are ups and downs in all of our lives; YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  However, we cannot stay in the downs forever, otherwise, we’ll never get to the ups.  Life is a cycle, and so is style, and it can go one of two ways: You feel low, you dress in what’s comfortable/accessible, you don’t love how you look, it keeps you down.  OR, you dress in something you love, it helps you to FEEL great, it lifts your mood, and causes you to take action.  Listen, style isn’t going to make or break your entire life, but I have personally seen it be the catalyst to really positive change.

Don’t think for a second that style is superficial and just about clothes – if there is something that I want you to leave with, it’s this; Style isn’t  about clothes, it’s about allowing yourself to look as good feel and vice verse.  It’s about taking everything inside, and projecting it outward.

Not sure where to start?  No worries, drop me a line and we’ll talk it out!  I have a variety of services and packages, both in person and digital – I know we can find something that works for you!

Candace Hanna
Confidence Wears All

People ask me all the time why I’m a stylist.  A lot of people think it has to do with the fact that I love fashion, and that’s partially true, but more than that, I love helping people find their confidence.

While style is directly related to your clothes, it’s so much more than that.  Clients who’ve worked with me will tell you, I’m not about the labels, or the hottest trends (however, if I find the label or trend at an exceptional price, stay outta my way!).  I’m about my client.

When I’m styling people, I’m not worried about anything other than how my client FEELS.  It is my belief that when we feel our best, we DO our best – and that’s what style is all about.

So, how do we get there?  Well, that’s a great question. I’ve listed 3 guidelines below to help you in your quest for confidence and confidence in your style.


Forget Size, Focus on Shape

You’ve heard me say it a BILLION times before…it’s not about size.  75% of the male population has a size 40 waist, and 75% of the female population is a size 14 – so, let’s not get carried away with size.  For me and my clients, it’s about shape.  Women who dress in the wrong silhouettes, no matter how thin can end up looking much fuller than they are, and women who are fuller can appear much more slim when wearing the right shapes.  So forget the number and focus on silhouette!


Stop Trying to Hide, Start Learning to Enhance

It’s a general rule of thumb; If all you focus on is the bad, that’s all you’re ever going to see.  I never ask clients what they don’t like about themselves, I ask what they love.  I find that when we try to hide our imperfections, it leads us down a rabbit hole of our (perceived) imperfections.   If I ask a client what they don’t like about themselves, you can trust that they’ll give me an endless list.  I like to work the other way; what are your favorite parts of you?  What do people most compliment you on? Stop focusing on the negative and what you want to hide, and turn your attention to what’s great about you, and what you want to enhance. Start thinking about ways to play up your best features and draw attention to them, rather than hiding in your clothes.  We all have the things we like about ourselves, but somehow it’s easier to focus in on what we hate.  Stop hiding, start enhancing!  Just by way of focusing on the good, you’ll see that your mood and attitude about yourself, your clothes, and your style will start to change.  Any time the good is our point of interest; it’s going to have an entirely different outcome than if we’re laser focused on the bad.


Don’t Overthink

I have really kind clients (the best, actually) and something that they  say to me is; I love what you’re wearing, I wish I could “pull that off”.  While it’s really a sweet thing to say, it’s wrong.  Anyone can “pull off” anything.  Granted, leather pants may not be your style or aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them and rock them.  My point is, if there is something you love, something that you FEEL and look great in, who’s to say it’s not for you?  I’m not talking about things that are inappropriate (be it age, to revealing, etc) I’m talking about things you just may not be used to; patterns, bright colors, statement jewelry, different fabrics, etc.  There are a lot of things that are within people’s style aesthetic, that are appropriate, and look great that they still feel they can’t “pull off”.  It’s nonsense!  Stop thinking that something you love can’t be for you just because it’s a bit more daring than usual.  I’ll tell you what, I’ve worn a few pieces that are REALLY out there, and when people tell me “I love that, but I can’t pull it off” all it says to me is that I’m wearing it with confidence.  The idea of pulling something off means one thing and one thing only; it’s being worn with confidence.  If you’re wearing something with your head held high, trust that you’re pulling it off.  So remember, the difference between whether or not you’re pulling something off is the difference between wearing something with confidence and not.

We’re almost at the New Year! If you’re looking to find your confidence this year, and could use a little help, drop me a note!

Candace Hanna