Shop Your Closet Challenge

I don’t know about you, but as a stylist I’m shopping A LOT. I’m out shopping for and with clients, but beyond that, I’m out shopping for myself. What I’ve noticed is that the shopping experience can go a number of ways, and lately, it’s been pretty tough. You ever have those days you’re dying to buy something, but just can’t find anything worth taking the plunge on?

Me too.

When those days come, I’m grateful to the gods that I was able to save another dollar - but I end up feeling “blah” because there isn’t anything new, exciting, or inspiring out there. On these days, I like to shop my closet.


We all have pieces that we love, but haven’t figured out how to wear, pieces that have gotten lost in the shuffle somehow, and pieces that we’ve only thought about in 1 one way. THAT, my friends, is today’s challenge. Forgetting about excess for a moment, and working with what we’ve got. Let’s make a solid effort to let the old inspire us in very new ways!

I want you to try for the remainder of the week to shop your closet. Whether it’s a single piece you haven’t worn in a really long time, putting together an outfit that you’ve never before considered, or re-purposing a piece, I want you to to put your wallet away and step into all the options that already exist for you! In a world where more is more, and we’re distracted by all the shiny-ness around us, let’s really try to inspire ourselves, and share it!I want to see what you’ve done! Post it in the comments, on instagram using the hashtag #shopyourcloset, or share in our facebook group The Anti Stylist. I’m excited to see what you do!

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Get Ready...

It’s time. You’ve waited long enough. I know how hard it can be, because I’ve been there too. Waiting around till we’re the perfect weight, till our skin clears up, till our hair is the right length, or we get the promotion we want. We’ve all done it; waited for the “perfect” time to start feeling great.

I’m writing about it because I’ve fallen victim myself. There were times I wanted to be thinner, and other times I was saving up because there was a piece that I thought would make the difference - but I’m telling you, it wont. If it’s not one thing, it will always be another.

Me - Relaxed.JPG

My whole life I’ve REALLY hated photos of myself. You may have noticed, you don’t see a ton of me on the “interwebs” - and that’s my fault. It’s because I hate pretty much every photo of myself, but you know what? That’s going to change. I’m starting with this post - all sorts of photos of me! Is it uncomfortable, yes. But does it need to be done, YES. I’m a stylist, people need to see me. I can’t wait until I’m perfect, because I never will be. My motto with my clients is: HIGHLIGHT don’t hide! And I haven’t even been taking my own advice…for shame! It’s because we are SO critical of ourselves, that nothing ever becomes good enough. My years of styling the everyday woman has taught me one thing for sure: No one is as critical of us, as we are of ourselves. Period.

I’ve challenged myself to share photos and I’m challenging you to something a little different. Stop waiting! Make the decision today to feel GREAT. To feel great in your skin, in your clothes, in your life. So, here’s my challenge to you:

What are you done waiting on, and what’s been holding you back? I want you to tell us what you’re DONE waiting on, and what you’re going to do despite not being perfect. What moves are you going to make? What outfit are you going to wear? What conversation are you going to have?

I know it can be hard to do, but that’s part of the work we MUST do to be better and get what we want. Need help? Click here to schedule some time to chat. Be sure to download your FREE guide of the “Basics on Basics: My Guide To The 10 Pieces Every Woman Needs”.

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5 Things That Are Making You Look Sloppy

Just because you have a great look pulled together, doesn’t mean your style is.  Check out these 5 little style buggers that are causing you to look sloppy, no matter how awesome the outfit.


1)       Wet Hair

As a curly haired girl myself, I know that this can be a tough one.  I can only brush my hair when it’s wet and it takes forever to dry!  That said; walking into work with wet hair is causing you to look ill-prepared.  When your hair is wet, it seems like you woke up late, showered, and ran out the door without taking the time to dry or style your hair.  While this may not be the case, this is how it comes across.  For us curly haired gals, try doing your hair first thing (before breakfast, coffee, and getting dressed) that way you’re not showing up to work with dripping hair and giving it a moment to dry while you get ready.


2)       Wrinkles

There’s really no excuse for a wrinkled look.  All it says is that you picked it out from a pile of something, and threw it on.  Even if it’s a great outfit, no one can tell because it’s wrinkled and implies that you don’t care about how you present.  I hate ironing just as much as the next gal, which is why I steam.  It’s quick, easy, and better on your clothes.  Do yourself a favor, don’t walk out in wrinkled clothes, it makes a difference.


3)       Chipped Nails

Eek, I’m guilty of this myself!  Your nail color starts to chip, and you don’t have the time to get them redone – I get it.  If you don’t have the time to get your nails freshly painted, just take 30 seconds to take off your chipped polish.  You don’t always have to find the time to get your nails freshly done, but make sure they are clean and paint free as opposed to half chipped.  A partially painted nail can ruin a wholly great look.


4)       Worn Clothes

I know it’s your favorite sweater, but, it’s making you look sloppy!  Not taking care of our clothes can cause them to look worn very early on, so be sure to properly wash and store your pieces.  Beyond that, shirts that are faded at the seams, sweaters that are pilling, and a tops that have lost their shape are all contributing to dragging down your look.  You may love the color or pattern, but if any of these things are going on with your pieces, they’re just making you look sloppy.


5)       Clothes That Don’t Fit Properly

Whether they’re too large or too tight, clothing that doesn’t fit properly is making you look sloppy.  A top that’s too tight and pants that are too long and dragging on the floor will do nothing but kill your style.  Regardless of how comfortable it is, if the piece doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

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It Makes A Difference

I'm going to be honest with you, trying to make it on your own is tough...really tough.  I have great friends, a family that's supportive beyond measure, and a real drive, and I still struggle.  I knew trying to do my own thing wasn't going to be easy.  I've read enough books, blogs, and articles to know that things don't happen exactly the way you need them to, and never the way you want them to.

It can be really easy to feel like a failure, or even a fraud when you have this plan for your life (or your day) and it doesn't go the way you needed or wanted it to.  It   can be really easy to question yourself, your abilities, your choices, and really, everything about yourself.  That happened to me this week, so I thought I'd share it.

I don't know about you, but I KNOW this is what I'm supposed to be doing.  After lots of prayer, opened and closed doors, and in my gut, I know I should be working for myself; but for some reason, it doesn't look exactly the way I need it or want it to.  I know what you're thinking (because my readers are kind) you might be thinking "it's still early, you haven't even been at this for a year!" or "but look at how far you've come!" or "at-least you're trying!", and while I really appreciate the sentiment, the fact is that when you have a vision for yourself, when you have ambition and goals that you want to set for yourself, when  you're not moving at a specific pace, you can't see anything beyond what you're not doing.  For my friends and family who've interacted with me over the last few days, you've seen it.  There's no pep in my step.  I'm pretty quiet, my hair is pulled back, I'm not wearing any makeup and my wardrobe has been "blah" at best. 

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I'm an honest person - do I have some great clients? Yep! Do I get to set my own schedule and work when I want?  Yep!  But it's not all fun and games.  This is really tough to do.  it's hard to figure out a business, it's hard to prove to yourself and to the world (however big or small your world is) that you're doing the right thing, that it'll all be worth it one day.  it's not all sunshine and roses, there are melt down days...and I've been having them and I think that's important to share.

But back to style, because that's why we're all here, right?  I decided last night (yep, just last night) that I was going to pull myself out of this rut, and my first order of business?  GET DRESSED.  Over the last few days, I was letting how I was feeling inside dictate my outside, and as a result, my outer appearance wasn't a motivator to make moves.  I felt low, I didn't get dressed which meant I didn't want to get out of the house and be seen, which made me feel worse.  Do you see that cycle?  I decided today, I was going to get up, get dressed, and get out there!  I'm writing this blog from a local Starbucks.  For the last few weeks that's where I've  been working, but when I started to feel low and not put myself together, I didn't want to get out or be seen, which meant my work was taking a hit.

My point in all of this to share, but also to say putting yourself makes a difference, take it from me!  It's a cycle.  No matter how you're feeling, don't let the cycle of self-doubt start.  It begins with the simple decision in the morning "do I want to be seen?".  When I say "do I want to be seen?" I don't mean do I want to be noticed, or stand out, I simply mean seen.  We have to be seen for anything in our lives to happen, and if we-- excuse me, if I'm not willing to be seen, then how can I possibly have the success or freedom I crave?  

So my challenge to you, and myself this week is to be seen.  Whatever is happening, good, bad, or ugly, be seen.  Nothing will come, go, or change unless we're seen.  

Candace Hanna
5 Ways to Accessorize
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Accessories are all the rage these days.  There are days I forget to plan my outfit ahead of time, or I’m just not feeling up to putting it all together.  On those days, I have my accessories to do the trick.  If you run out of time to plan, or just don’t have the energy some days, read on to see my 5 ways to accessorize!

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1)       Jewelry!

Jewelry can take a simple tee-shirt and jeans to the next level.  It can also give your all black get-up a new level of interest.  Whether it’s a statement necklace, stacked bracelets, or chandelier earrings, jewelry is such an easy fix for an otherwise “blah” outfit.



2)       Scarves!

As a native SoCal lady, I know that it’s not always (if ever) scarf weather – but don’t let that stop you!  Scarves don’t have to be wool and cozy.  They can be lightweight, and add a great pop of color to your look.  Weather it’s a neck scarf, a silk scarf you’re using as a belt, or a piece you want to drape over your shoulders, it’s a simple add that can make all the difference.



3)       Belts!

This is probably my favorite because it’s actually a functional piece as opposed to just being fun.  I love a bright colored, or pattern belt to mix up a look.  It’s a little bit of spice to a simple look.  Not to mention, belts make pants that much more comfortable!


4)       Handbags!

Sometimes, the look is all about the accessories.  Maybe you just splurged on a designer bag, or you found a really cool sequin crossbody – your look doesn’t have to be based on your clothes.  You get to decide what the focus of your look is, and sometimes, it’s the bag!  Don’t feel the need to have a black handbag and a nude handbag and that’s it.  Go crazy!  A handbag is an item that you can have all kinds of fun with!

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5)       Shoes!

This is probably my favorite.  It’s a rare day where you’ll find me in a plain black shoe.  Shoes are the easiest way to add interest.  Consider your animal patterns as neutrals (leopard, snake, zebra) these prints usually go with everything, so why not have some fun!   You can spice up your look by wearing metallic; silver where you’d normally wear black and gold where you’d normally wear brown.  It’s still simple, just more fun!

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